TILLICA PASTA is a thermo-insulating and thermo-reflecting product, a combination of raw materials that manage to insulate and enhance the best thermal value of the building on the inside and cancel the thermal load on the outside. It is made up of lime putty aged in accordance with the UNI EN459-1 standards and Amorphous Silicon and falls within the parameters of the EEC directive on construction products (CPD) 89/106/ EEC. It is a wet paste product, ready to use. Easy to apply by plastic trowel or mechanically. Practical, it is packaged in 12 kg buckets, convenient for transport and storage. Safe, applied to the wall it becomes an integral part of the plaster. Impact-resistant, it does not give the feeling of emptiness as in traditional sheet insulation. Breathable, it keeps the building in thermal and water balance. Insulating, non-degradable, maintains and improves its insulating properties over time, natural, produced from selected natural raw materials, non-toxic for the operator and the treated environment. Fireproof, on contact with flames it does not emit toxic fumes. Recyclable, does not create waste, can be fully used. Superior thermal performance. Gas and V.O.C. free.


Application on new walls: on plaster with regular and straight application;
on old walls remove old paints, if possible, reach the coarse plaster, apply a coat of Natural Calk anti-bacterial fixative, do not allow more than 8 hours to pass for the application of TILLICA wet paste, let it dry and apply the finishes, skimming plaster and subsequent work. Wet the surface before applying TILLICA Pasta with high temperatures or windy days, in cold weather do not work at temperatures below 4°C.
Application on pre-finished sheets (plasterboard): apply a coat of acrylic insulation, then apply a Biorasante rough primer Natural Calk, when the surface is dry apply TILLICA wet paste. The same precautions apply as for the other two applications described above. Continue with subsequent finishing, skimming plastering and subsequent work.
The use of the products of the Natural Calk line is absolutely necessary to maintain the characteristics of the material and to guarantee the result.


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