Highly insulating eco-friendly nanotechnology product. Thermo-insulating and thermo-reflecting, (combination of raw materials that insulate and enhance the best thermal value inside, eliminating the thermal load outside).

Easy to use, practical, resistant, breathable, highly insulating product in just a few millimetres of thickness, 100% natural, fireproof, recyclable, quick to apply, free from V.O.C. gas.




The brothers Ermacora Albiz and Fabio from Arzene (PN) grew up working in their father’s kilns, specialising in the production of aerial lime. In twenty-five years, they have developed a line of natural building products that respect the principle of biocompatibility in construction, they have called it NATURAL CALK.



  • Technical Data
  • Characteristics and advantages
  • Application
  • Average solar reflectance, Tillica system Standard ASTM1980-110,96
  • Thermal emissivity ASTM C 1371-04 standard at ε0,43
  • Thermal conductivity UNI 10456 equal to λd W/mKt0,0020
  • Specific weight Tillica Pasta wet0,70 kg/lt
  • Specific weight Tillica Pasta dry0,17 kq/lt
  • Water vapour permeability UNI EN ISO 7783µ ≤5,8
  • Liquid water permeability UNI EN ISO 1062-3W1
  • Specific heat j/kgk1,13
  • Adhesion and traction UNI EN 13687-3, UNI EN 1542 Average value fh0,02 N/m² MPa
  • Direct adhesion UNI EN 1542fh 0,05N/m² B
  • Compressive strength EN 196-1N/mm0,364
  • Sound absorption coefficient: UNI EN ISO 10534-2 at 500Hz with 10 mm 0,16
  • Fire reaction class according to UNI EN 13501-1A1
  • Fire resistance Directive (MED)2014/EU including requirements and test standards (EU)2017/306 Non-combustible material
  • V.O.C.:UNI EN ISO 16000-9:2006 + ISO 16000-6:2011exempt
TILLICA is a thermo-insulating and thermo-reflecting combination of raw materials that can insulate and enhance the best thermal value inside and cancel the thermal load of the building outside. It is made up of lime putty aged according to the UNI EN459-1 standards and Amorphous Silicon. Easy to apply by plastic trowel or mechanically.

Practical, it is a ready-to-use paste product packaged in 15-litre buckets, convenient for transport and storage.

Safe, applied to the wall it becomes an integral part of the existing plaster

Impact-resistant, it gives the feeling of emptiness as in traditional sheet insulation.

Breathable, it keeps the building in thermal and water balance.

Insulating, non-degradable, maintains and improves its insulating properties over time.

Natural, product made from selected natural raw materials, non-toxic for the operator and for the treated environment.

Fireproof, does not burn on contact with flames it does not emit toxic fumes.

Recyclable, does not create waste, can be fully used.

Free from V.O.C. gas.


Superior thermal performance.

Average consumption, 0,60-070 lt/mm/m²

With 15 litres the average yieldis: 1,8mq with 8.3 lt/mq equal to 20 cm of eps
4-5mq with 3.3 lt/mq equal to 10 cm of eps
7-8mq with 2.0 lt/mq equal to 6 cm of eps

Insulated wall: with 2.2 lt. improvement of 3°C.
+ 2.2 lt. improvement of another 3°C.
Application and insulating performance: applied with a trowel or air gun does not change the grain size of the mixture, while applied with a pump, the grain size crushed by the pumping system decreases the thickness, a thickness that may decrease due to vaporation of the water in the lime putty, but does not change the insulating value. It is important to evaluate the litres applied on 1m² of wet Tillica. The use of the products of the Natural Calk line is absolutely necessary to maintain the characteristics of the material and to guarantee the result.


Note: As is well known, in natural products, ageing is slow, constant and improves over time, unlike synthetic products; characteristics that do not lead to longer application times.