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Natural Calk smoothing mortar has the aesthetic effect of a civil plaster that has been trowelled
it is up of lime putty aged in accordance with the UNI EN 459-1 standard and selected aggregates without cement or chemical additives.


Natural Calk smoothing mortar is ideal for giving facades an ideal support for subsequent lime finishes. In order to guarantee the adhesion to the substrate, we recommend a pre-consolidation with Natural Calk Fissativo Antibatterico, Natural Calk smoothing mortar can be applied on:
Finely finished rough-hewn walls;
Civil plaster;
For levelling out old walls;
Filling and plastering, finishing on exposed brick walls;
Bonding and skimming in insulation systems, cork, calcium silicate, cellular concrete, wood cement, aspen-aereogel.


The Natural Calk smoothing mortar is different because:
It is ready to use;
It is perfectly anchored;
Resists alkaline aggression;
Resists bacterial aggression from moulds and mosses;
Provides effective abrasion resistance;
It is not flammable;
Mechanical resistance at 30 days.2,50N/mm2 at 120 days.2.69N/mm2- classified M4
Specific weight when wet 1.6 kg/lt;
Vapour permeability μ.65; Sd.0.05m
PH 12.


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