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Antibatterico Natural Calk is ideal for removing mould and lichen from walls, closed rooms and cleaning greasy surfaces. It is environmentally friendly.


Antibacterico Natural Calk is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic, non-hazardous liquid disinfectant.

Cases of use

Antibatterico Natural Calk is used in the treatment of interior and exterior surfaces, bricks, old paintwork, natural stone and wherever there is a need to disinfect and eradicate mould.
It is used as a primer for lime finishes and to reduce surface absorption.




Antibatterico Natural Calk is applied on the surfaces to be treated with a paintbrush or by Brushing the treated wall after 2 hours with a semi-rigid brush until the dried mould has been removed, rinse with water.

To avoid the formation of mould on any surface, it is advisable to treat it periodically, especially in cold periods.

As a deodorant, it removes odours, does not leave stains on walls, fabrics or other treated surfaces, as it is odourless it only leaves a fresh sensation, leave to dry.

With the Antibatterico Natural Calk, you can treat: as an anti-mould, by brush with regular surfaces 8 sqm/lt, as a deodorant 30 m²/lt, for lichen disinfestation 2 m²/lt.


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